tuition & Fees

The registration fee for ALL students is $50 per family per season. Tuition amounts for each dance category are listed below...prices are for students using autodraft/recurring billing through our Akada online system. With auto billing, tuition is withdrawn from your credit card on the first of the month. If you choose to forego the autodraft/recurring billing option, please add $5 to the tuition amounts below. If you are making manual payments in the office each month, tuition is due no later than the 10th.

Tiny Dancers, Mini Movers & Kids in Motion

$50 per month
$140 recital costume fee (2 costumes: ballet and tap)

Advanced Combo Dancers

$65 per month
$200 recital costume fee (3 costumes: ballet, tap, and jazz)

Individual Specialty Classes

$50 per month
$75 recital costume fee (1 costume)

Multiple Class Discounts

Applies to an individual dancer who is taking more than one specialty class per week. This discount does not apply to siblings. Please contact the studio if you would like us to calculate your family discount based on your dancers classes.

1 class per week...........$50 per month

2 classes per week.......$85 per month
3 classes per week.......$110 per month

4 classes per week.......$130 per month
5 classes per week.......$145 per month

6 classes per week.......$155 per month
* Discounts do not include your costume fees.