Ages 2 thru 6
Students in this group are enrolled in "Tiny Dancer" classes. Tiny Dancer classes meet once a week for an hour, receiving ballet and tap instruction for 30 minutes each.  During these classes, beginner dancers are introduced to basic ballet and tap skills, creating a firm foundation to build true SHOWSTOPPERS.  Musicality is key in maintaining interest to this very young age group, therefore, we incorporate many fun and exciting types of music in our classes.
                                                                         Ages 7 and up
Dancers in this group are given the opportunity to choose the style of dance that they are interested in.  Class selections include TAP, BALLET, JAZZ and HIP HOP.  Each individual class is an hour in length, giving the teacher ample time to develop each dancer’s skills more proficiently.  In addition to the previous class selections, we offer DANCE TEAM preparatory classes for jr. high and sr. high girls who are anticipating tryouts in the spring.  All of our classes are jam packed with the hottest music selections!   ere to add text.
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